Virtual Production: The Future of Film In NI

Virtual Production: The Future of Film In NIVirtual Production: The Future of Film In NI

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What is Virtual Production? How is it revolutionising the filmmaking process? What skills are in demand and what career roles are expected to emerge? What could give you a leg up into the virtual realm?

Ulster University has got your back! Everyone's Invited. Quiet rebels, leaners-out and introverts are especially welcome.

UU Cinematic Arts

Dr Victoria McCollum is an internationally recognised educator and researcher from Cinematic Arts at Ulster University (Magee) who writes books on films, TV shows and video games (especially horror), to explain why popular culture matters in helping us gain a deeper understanding of our moment in time. She has collaborated on projects with Apple, Cartoon Network, Cinemax, Facebook, HBO, New Line Cinema, RTE, Sky Atlantic, Telltale Games, Time Warner, Twitter and Universal Music Group.

Victoria McC

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