Ratcatcher (4K Restoration) | Nerve Cinema

Ratcatcher (4K Restoration) | Nerve CinemaRatcatcher (4K Restoration) | Nerve Cinema

Nerve Centre, 7-8 Magazine Street, Derry

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1hr 34mins

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25th anniversary of Lynne Ramsay's masterful debut.

Set in Glasgow during the mid 70s, Lynne Ramsay’s debut Ratcatcher is seen through the eyes of twelve-year-old James Gillespie, a young boy haunted by a secret. Feeling increasingly distant from his family, his only escape comes with the discovery of a new housing development on the outskirts of town where he has the freedom to lose himself in his own world.

Enticed by a local gang of older boys, James is thrown together with vulnerable fourteen-year-old Margaret Anne and the pair strike up an unlikely friendship which becomes their hesitant but touching experience of first love.

“In Ratcatcher, her artistic project is to create a cinema that brings together both the social and surreal, allowing the audience into the fantastic world of the young protagonist’s imagination.” Lizzie Francke, The Criterion Collection.

1999. UK/France. Director: Lynne Ramsay. Cast: Tommy Flanagan, William Eadie, Mandy Matthews. Duration: 1hr 34mins. Cert: 15.

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