The winners of the prestigious Light in Motion Competition Awards were unveiled on Sunday evening amongst a gathering of competitors, guests and festival-goers, just before the Closing Night Gala screening of Evil Does Not Exist, the Northern Ireland Premiere directed by Oscar®-winner Ryūsuke Hamaguchi. The event took place at Brunswick Moviebowl on Sunday, 26 November 2023.

Eamonn, Brunswick Moviebowl, Christopher Morrison, Festival Programmer, Mayor Patricia Logue, Klass Diersman, Jake Morgan, Eavan King, Head of Film Education

Foyle Film Festival is one of only a handful of International festivals with Oscar® affiliation, BAFTA and BIFA recognition. The competition is sponsored by City of Derry Crystal and is open to filmmakers and animators across the world who submit in categories Best Animated Short, Best International Short, or Best Irish Short.

The winners are as follows:

Best Animation Short

Special recognition in Irish animation for its exceptional composition went to Wind And The Shadow directed by Kris Kelly. Starring Niamh Algar and Catherine Clinch, Wind and the Shadow is inspired by real events and created by the BAFTA nominated writer/director Kelly, and produced by Out of Orbit and Enter Yes.

The award for Best Animated Short Film went to Tomorrow directed by Aryasb Feiz. Set in Shiraz, Iran, this thrilling and poignant tale follows a resilient 10 year old street urchin grappling with daily hardships. The jury praised Tomorrow for its exceptional focus on story execution, thorough performance, composition and rhythm. Produced by Bad Stache Studio.

Tomorrow directed by Aryasb Feiz

Best International Short

Special recognition in this category went to Jordanian film Our Males And Females directed by Ahmad Alyseer. A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family.

The award for Best International Short went to Tuulikki directed by Teemu Nikki from Finland. The film was commended by the jury for being clever and surprising with a fresh twist on a familiar story concert. Produced by It’s Alive Films. Tuulikki is in the throes of young love, and the world outside her window is vibrant and inviting. But her mother disagrees, not wanting to let Tuulikki out of her sight. Tuulikki fights back, but nothing seems to be making a difference. Finally, the mother-daughter relationship escalates when the circumstances prove too much for both of them.

Tuulikki directed by Teemu Nikki

Best Irish Short

Special recognition in this category went to the haunting and powerful Missing directed by Maura Foley. Produced by Escape Pod Media. A new mother, struggling with postpartum anxiety, becomes convinced her new neighbours are harbouring a dark secret that she must investigate.

First runner up in the Irish Short Film category went to The Innkeeper directed by Paudie Baggot for its humour and humanity in an all too relevant story set at Christmas during a housing crisis. Produced by Escape Pod Media. When a spirited eight-year-old lands the part of Innkeeper in the school nativity play, she battles her perfectionist teacher who insists that she "stick to the script" and refuse Mary and Joseph a room.

The award for Best Irish Short went to The Boat directed by Luke Morgan and produced by Jake Morgan. This winning film was commended by the jury as a devastating, beautifully executed story with a cinematic style that was outstanding without compromising the quiet dignity at the heart of this film. When Dhuckia grows up, she wants to be a boat-maker like her Dad. But when he finds out that she is showing the early symptoms of Leprosy, he must make a terrible choice. Based on a true story.

The Boat directed by Luke Morgan

Bafta Affiliated Award for UK Short Film

The winner of the Uk Short Film Award was A Day In February directed by Klass Diersman and produced by Flomo Films. The film was praised for its excellent storytelling, brisk and efficient with a superb central performance and currency of theme that reminds the world how war renders society powerless when families are torn apart.

A Day In February directed by Klass Diersman

Foyle Film Festival is also a BAFTA-recognised festival. Consequently UK short films and animations screening as part of the Light in Motion Awards at Foyle Film Festival can be submitted for consideration to the BAFTA Film Awards.

Foyle Film Festival is funded by the Department for Communities through Northern Ireland Screen and by Derry City and Strabane District Council. Foyle Film Festival Light in Motion Competition Awards is sponsored by City of Derry Crystal.

Learn more about Light in Motion Competition Awards.

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