The Wife

The Wife

Sunday 18 Nov 2018 - 6:00pm

How does the famous saying go? Behind every great man, there's a greater woman, and that is exactly the case in The Wife. Glenn Close is Joan Castleman, a highly intelligent and beautiful woman, and the perfect devoted wife.

Forty years spent sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions in order to support her charismatic husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce) and his very successful literary career. She has overlooked infidelities and excuses because of his "art" with grace and humour. Their fateful pact has built a marriage upon uneven compromises. But Joan has eventually reached her breaking point. On the eve of Joe's Nobel Prize for Literature, the crown jewel in a spectacular body of work, Joan's coup de grace is to confront the biggest sacrifice of her life and secret of his career. Glenn Close packs an emotional punch in a movie already gaining an Oscar® buzz.

'Jonathan Pryce and Max Irons travel around Glenn Close like planets to her sun, notable planets in her orbit but out of her league, not just the actress but the character she creates with an enviable intensity.' Adrina Palmer, Irish Film Critic

Distributor: Picturehouse

The Wife | Official Trailer HD (2018)

Björn Runge
Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater, Elizabeth McGovern, Max Irons, Harry Lloyd
1hr 40mins