Light in Motion Awards – International Short Film Programme Five

Sunday 26 Nov 2017 - 4:15pm to 5:45pm
£3 + 50p booking fee

The fifth programme for the Light in Motion International Short Film awards


A single mother gets a call from her seven year old son, who is on holiday with her ex–husband in the French Basque Country. The boy tells her he cannot find his father, who has disappeared some time ago.

Spain. 2017. Director: Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Duration: 18mins


The Incident

A bus stop near Beirut, a veiled Lebanese woman and a migrant Syrian worker get into a tumultuous moment. Following their arrest, they must argue their innocence in the face of the only witnesses: a bus full of women on their way to Koran school, each with a different version of the truth.

Lebanon/USA 2017. Director: Meedo Taha. Duration: 21mins


Not Even A Line

As they do every afternoon, Encarna and Rosario meet up to have churros in their local café. However, today is special as it marks a change in their usual conversation topics.

Spain. 2017. Director: Victor E. D. Somoza. Duration: 17mins



Anna, an ambulance doctor, arrives at a night call which brings back her painful past and challenges her moral compass.

UK/Ukraine. 2016. Director: Christina Tynkevych. Duration: 11mins


On the Road

During a long ride a woman picks up a hitchhiker and another guy. In the confined space of the car the three strangers, all hiding secrets, begin a tense game.

Poland. 2017. Director: Bartosz Nowacki. Duration: 23mins


All films in the competition have yet to receive certification. Some films contain strong language and themes that may be upsetting to people of a sensitive nature. Not suitable for audiences under 18 years of age.


1hr 30mins
£3 + 50p booking fee